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  • True North Design Considerations

    We consider ourselves part of your team, and a resource for your engineers and designers.  We are happy to sit down at the beginning of your design process and work with you to make the best, most manufacturable, and most cost-effective product possible.
    If that's not possible, please see some of the design considerations below to help with your process.

  • Text / Type

    Minimum text size – positive copy
o 6pt, if Regular weight Sans Serif fonts ex: 6pt. Helvetica
o 5pt, if Medium or Bold weight Sans Serif fonts ex: 5pt Helvetica Bold
o 10pt, if Regular Weight Serif fonts ex: 10pt. Times Roman
o 8pt, if Medium or Bold Serif fonts ex: 8pt Times Roman Bold Minimum text size – negative copy
o 8pt, if Regular weight Sans Serif fonts ex: 8pt. Helvetica
o 6pt, if Medium or Bold weight Sans Serif fonts ex: 6pt Helvetica Bold
o 10pt, if Regular Weight Serif fonts ex: 10pt. Times Roman Type Style
o Most available type faces (fonts) are okay provided they meet the above size standards. Certain “graphic” style fonts ex: Letraset Slipstream also known as display fonts and outline styles must be printed large enough to keep within line weights as set out in Line weights standards to follow. Type Colour
o Type Colour, although at the discretion of the customer, shall be of sufficient contrast to the background colour it is being printed on. Type colours which appear to be of low contrast to background, and therefore hard to read, shall be brought to the attention of the customer.
  • Line Weights

    o Lines must be 0.010” or greater for positive printing or 0.014” for negative printing

    o When colour traps behind a line, and the line is less than 0.040”, consult with manufacturing to ascertain printability

    o Perimeter borders around parts or cutouts must be of sufficient width to allow for cutting tolerances ex: narrow width borders will accentuate otherwise unnoticeable aberrations in die cutting lines.


  • Colours

    o Two adjoining colour blocks shall not form a straight-line border without allowances for bleed and registration tolerances being made.

    o Consideration of colour opacity must be kept in mind when trapping between colours, around windows, LEDs or when label is covering previous label or text

    o Colours should be defined by a pantone number, or a sample.  If a colour sample is provided, a match on the final material will be provided for approval.  This will then define a master record.  True North uses two different colour spectrometers to measure colour during production.  These are very accurate but there may be small visual differences, especially on whites, off whites, and reds.  This is primarily due to the shade of the raw material varying batch to batch.  Unless otherwise specified a delta E rating of under 1.5 will be considered a match.



    o Maximum line screen for printing half tones is 90 lines per inch, with 65 to 70 recommended

    o Range of halftone must be between 85% and 15% gray. More than 85% will fill in and less than 15% will drop out.

    o Consistencies of halftones outside of the 15-85% range cannot be  expected.


    Four-Colour Process – printed on Digital press only

    o Colours and colour matches in 4-colour process shall be made in accordance with the Pantone Matching System formulas. Matches to customer-supplied samples shall be approved by Art Dept. and/or Customer.


  • Membrane Switch

    o Overall switch dimensions must allow sufficient room for tracking and tail exit.

    o Spacing between individual buttons must be sufficient for die production (0.125”

    o In general, traces shall be 0.040” in width. Trace width may be drawn as narrow as 0.020” when there are certain space constraints. However, resistance shall be less than 1 Ohm per centimeter over the length of the complete circuit. Consult with our engineering team to ensure these parameters can be met.


    Tactile elements

    o Both Polydome, and metal dome options are available, as well as non-tactile capactive touch.  Our technical sales team can help you pick the best technology.

    o metal domes offer over 5,000,000 actuations, and are available in a wide variety of sizes and weights.  Both gold plating and Nickle plating are available options.


    Nicomatic Switch-air metal domes Travel vs force

  • Cutting (Die or Laser)

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